Every company should have values.

They give you a reason for what you do, and a reason for customers to cheer for you. 

These are mine.

Try something. You can’t be perfectly safe and pushing forward at the same time. Some risks (the smart kind) are a necessary part of great work.

Different with purpose. Good differentiation is more than just being memorable. It’s also being relevant and meaningful.

Considered. I’m brought in to step back, to be a trusted outside creative partner, providing healthy objectivity. Whenever possible, nothing should be left to chance. I assume authorship — or advise openly — and always reflect on the results.

Less is everything. The more you can say or do with less, the more you can say or do.

Criticism is not something to be threatened by. I'm willing to reconsider my ways and, if necessary, revise my beliefs and strategies.

"Don’t push for more.
Push for better."

Damon Clark O'Hanlon