The Hero Concept

Most blogging platforms are not very good.

They’re unattractive in terms of the look and feel, an awkward mashup in terms of the content, and usually they're intrusively branded with the platform's identity.

The concept behind Hero was to create a high-quality, individually brandable platform using a flexible system of modular layouts. 

Hero would give users the tools to tell uniquely compelling viral stories — entirely in their own voice — and make them partners in an ad-supported network.

In order to be successful, Hero needed to nail three simple goals.


Be Adaptable

Poster images, inline images, pull quotes, headers, animated infographics and more. Every user would need something different. And Hero needed to serve all of them with elegance.


Be Gorgeous

No one wants to spend time on a boring site, or a site so ugly it makes your heart cry.


Be Invisible

The product needed to disappear into the user’s brand. You should land on a Hero site and have no idea you landed on a Hero site.


In order to understand what users needed, we'd work with a team of writers and experiment rapidly.

I managed the writers, directing various content concepts. Then I brought the results back to the design team to collaborate on new design directions for Hero.

Modular Customization

Vibrant Feature Layouts

"Don’t push for more.
Push for better."

Damon Clark O'Hanlon