Great branding has depth and texture. It involves everything from visual identity, to a marketing message, to customer service.

So when it comes to enhance the brand, every company needs something different.

Here’s how we figure out what I can do for you, and ensure that it gets done at a high level.


A no pressure, no cost first meeting to find out what you need and help clarify objectives.

I’m located in sunny, beautiful Santa Cruz, California. I’m happy to travel to your location anywhere in the Bay Area.

I’m also  comfortable building relationships and managing projects via phone, email, and video chat.


After we have an understanding in principal, I’ll deliver a concise, thorough proposal outlining deliverables and a customized fee structure to fit your specific needs and vision.

Creative Brief

Before I run full speed on your project, I’ll work with you to construct a detailed creative brief that summarizes key points about strategy and direction.

This will deepen our understanding beyond what was possible during our first discussion, and ensure that everyone feels good about the work.

I pride myself on being able to communicate and present ideas that are both logical and relatable. 

You should feel safe knowing that the work being done for you is being executed with craftsmanship, individualized care, and dedication.


After we have a foundation in place, I’ll see the project through to completion.

As a creative partner, I’ll keep you in the loop and advise you when necessary decisions come up. Of course, the final say will always be yours.

Sometimes the parameters of a project change during the course of development, usually based on new requests from you, the client.

When that happens, I'll make suggestions and communicate with you about your various options for adjusting course.


After your campaign goes live, or the ink dries on your new brand, I’ll keep in touch to find out how the project is being received.

I love hearing your success stories, reflecting,  and making plans for how I can do even better work in the future.

"Don’t push for more.
Push for better."

Damon Clark O'Hanlon