The Responsive Concept

Responsive Org is a unique group of changemakers attempting to create a fundamental shift in the way we work and organize in the 21st Century.

They had never put on a conference before, and they faced a unique challenge:

How do you market an event, with both clarity and appeal, when its subject matter is so vast?

To help with this, I focused in on three specific goals.


Be Concise

The core premise of Responsive Org is that the world is moving more quickly. So they needed to communicate their ideas fast and without friction.


Be Human

Once upon a time, people wanted organizations that were definitive and authoritative. But no more. Modern orgs have to talk to us like equals.


Be Compelling

The message needed to resonate immediately with potential attendees. It should answer the question: "How does all this affect me?"


I advised members of the conference team — including the Director, the Manager, and the Content Marketer — in order to create a coherent, branded whole.

The work involved fields as diverse as brand development, content strategy, and website messaging.

I also provided the connection that helped the conference land its on-brand keynote interviewee: Buffer CEO Joel Gascgoine.

Responsive Conference
Brand Values Development


We trust people with information, because we believe they’ll use that information to benefit themselves and others.

Ever assembling

We make progress and learn rapidly through collaboration, experimentation, and iteration.


It takes considered thought and action to realize big visions.


The future is full of possibility. And if we embrace it, those possibilities are endlessly good.

Belongs to Everyone

We achieve better results by inspiring and empowering people of all kinds to pursue a better future.

“Working with Damon was like a breath of fresh air. His talent lies in distilling the essence of your messaging without sacrificing any of the underlying passion and humanity. He’s thorough, detailed, transparent, and compassionate."

Kate Ladenheim, Conference Manager

“Based on the marketing and organization of the event, you would not have known that the Responsive Conference was in its first year. Very well planned, communicated, and organized!”

Rachel Mendelowitz, Managing Partner at McCrystal Group

"Attracting like-minded people while also being challenged with new and interesting ideas is a sweet spot that's tough to hit. The Responsive Conference threaded that needle."

Sam Spurlin, Organization Designer at The Ready

"The conference was an amazingly inspiring environment. Great speakers, awesome content, concrete ideas, and genuine knowledge. Credit to Damon and the team for such a great event."

Sabrina Bouraoui, Org and Behavioral Designer, Former Partner at HolocracyOne

Who was there?

"Don’t push for more.
Push for better."

Damon Clark O'Hanlon